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Our captains at Luck O’ The Irish Fishing Charters are some of the most exciting back-bay and near shore guides you'll find in Southwest Florida. Explore the beautiful scenic route behind Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel as you fish the mangroves on our tours. Luck o' The Irish Fishing Charters has a well known reputation for being family-friendly as we strive to accommodate fishermen (and women) of all ages! We believe fishing is an adventure that everyone should have the opportunity to experience, and we promise that after you fish with us you'll be hooked!

We’re one of the most affordable fishing charters in the area, and we are open all year round. With our competitive rates and fun, professional services you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with one of our excellent captains.


Meet The Team



Together, we have strived to grow a successful family business built on honesty and integrity.  We value having a family-friendly company because we understand from a personal level that there is nothing more important than the ones you cherish. Our promise to everyone who climbs aboard our boats is that you will receive nothing short of 100% from all of the staff here, at Luck o' The Irish Fishing Charters.

If at any time you feel unsatisfied with your experience we hope that you will take the time to reach out to us so we can assist in making things better.

Richard Treacy

Owner/Chief Captain

Luck o’ The Irish Fishing Charters got its name from the origin of the owner, himself. Born in Tullamore, Ireland in 1979, Capt Rich made his way to the United States as a young man, in 2001. It did not take him long to discover that his new home was in Southwest Florida, where he could pursue his deepest passion; fishing. The only thing Capt Rich enjoys more than pulling in a big red is helping his clients experience the same excitement! He has made quite the life for himself over the last 15 years, with a beautiful home and family to show for it. He takes great pride in how far he has come and loves to pass that same Irish luck on to his passengers.


Full Time Captain

Capt Joe got his start in fishing on the first day he could hold a rod in his hand. Born and raised in Johnson City, NY, he and his family made their move to Cape Coral 7 years ago. He continued his passion for fishing in Southwest Florida and has become very active in the fishing industry. In fact, Joe has hosted and worked his own fishing tournaments and events. When Capt Joe is fishing for his own pleasure, he prefers to hook into a nice Snook or hunt for the sharks. However, fishing is not Joe's only hobby! He also enjoys traveling the world to find new places to skateboard. He says he's "here to help catch those memories that last a lifetime," and all of our customers agree that he's been very successful in doing just that!


Seasonal Captain

A true gem to Luck o' The Irish Fishing Charters, Captain Marc spends half of his year in Florida and the other half up north (that's what us Floridians like to call a "Snow Bird"). His original home is in Milwaukee, where he has owned and operated his own charter business on Lake Michigan for 24 years. Capt. Marc has been living PT and fishing in SWFL for 20+ years; we value his experience and knowledge. He's been fishing with us for 4 seasons, since 2016. If he isn't seen with a fishing pole in his hand it is very likely you'll find him hunting instead! Much like the rest of the crew, he just loves to be outdoors.


Full Time Captain

​​Raised in Florida since he was a baby, Capt. Ryan is no stranger to the back bay waters. He loves fishing for snook and enjoys the challenge of reeling them in.  Young and ambitious, our captain is all about helping his passengers hook onto their biggest catch yet! When he isn't fishing, you'll likely find him hunting or camping. Capt Ryan has been with us since 2015 and he has become a huge asset to the business. He is appreciated by many for all of his help and dedication.

April Treacy

Capt Rich's 1st Mate/Marketing & Office Manager

​​Born and raised in Fort Myers for over 30 years, April grew up watching her hometown develop and change drastically over those many years. She spent her career specializing in customer service for 18 years, nine of which were also in management. As a Florida Cracker, April grew up on the beaches and swamps of Lee county and there's nothing she loves more than having bon fires and camping with her family and friends. As the wife of Capt Rich, she works hard to support the business while raising their 3 children at home.


Administrative Assistant

As the oldest child of Capt Rich and Aprils, Gabe is excited to get his feet wet with Luck o' The Irish Fishing Charters. He will be starting out by helping his mom part-time with administrative duties. You might even find, as time goes on, that he'll be the one running our website! Aside from being home schooled, Gabe has been involved in soccer, skateboarding and baseball. His favorite pass-time is drawing and playing "The Isle" on his PC. He also has an interest in building computers and an aspiration to become either a Creation Paleontologist or a Marine Biologist. Gabe has maintained being on the A/B Honor Role for 3 years in a row, and he will be completing his last year of middle school in 2020. 

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